Death Metal


Winner of the New Apple Book Awards 2017 Horror eBook

Music from Hell has gone viral … and you’ll love it to death.
Devastated by the car crash that killed his bandmate, guitarist David Fairburn has given up on life—until Vince Buckley returns from the dead to complete the band’s final album. Jessica Chandler needs something new and different to save her struggling record label. But those who stand in the way of the music's release begin to die one by one, and when the first single is posted on the web, listeners become "Loopers," addicted to the music—and murderous.

As the violence spreads, David and Jessica must survive the chaos to prevent Vince from publishing the entire album on the Internet. But can David sacrifice the most brilliant work he’s ever done to save Jessica and prevent a global bloodbath?

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Horror novel set in Athens, GA, informed by my time as a touring musician.

“Nobody rocks horror like Mark All.”

Scott Nicholson, author of the After series, The Red Church, and many others


"Mark All takes us into the world of heavy metal music in this fast-paced horror thriller that really delivers on the chills." 

Mark Lukens, author of Ancient Enemy and others

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