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Thrillers of the Uncanny.

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The Story Generator

It wants to be found
It wants to tell its story
Cosmic Horror

When an antique device is donated to the Miskatoosa University Library, John Dixon believes it will solve his writer’s block. The machine generates plot developments for a novel—but its suggestions begin to come true, weaving a story of its own and piercing the veil between this world and a universe of horror. That dark realm begins to bleed through into our world, sending hideous emissaries to rend the fabric of reality. A mysterious professor who somehow knows what John has been up to contacts him. But is Dr. Armitage an ally or an enemy? As the world around them transforms into a benighted alternate reality, John and his critique partner Gretchen race to the site of an ancient ritual to perform a new rite and destroy the device—but it doesn’t want to die. It wants to finish its story. 


Praise for The Story Generator


PRG Reviews -- 4 out of 4 Stars


"... filled with suspense ... The characters were wonderful"

Amazon Reviewer

"Truly enjoyable read."

If you find alien technology … don’t turn it on.
Beyond the farthest reaches of explored space, survey ship Cerberus arrives at an unclaimed planet to find a deserted vessel already in orbit. When newly commissioned captain Janet Hollander leads a team to the derelict, they find an ancient alien artifact on board.
As her own crew members begin to disappear, Hollander learns that neither the ghost ship nor the planet are as lifeless as they appear. She must survive long enough to find out what happened to the derelict—before she and her crew suffer the same fate.
PRG Reviews -- 4 out of 4 Stars
"... scary and exciting ... I highly recommend this book but don’t read it in the dark."


Liminal Fiction Review

“[I]t’s just glorious to experience. Captain Hollander is the Ripley of the book – tough, badass, no-nonsense. The supporting cast is full of highly intelligent but extremely emotionally volatile mercs and scientists, each with their own personal dramas that turn the claustrophobic setting into a pressure cooker about to explode as the horror creeps in.


Mark All’s Derelict is the perfect tribute to a much-loved genre. I went into this book knowing that it would hit all of my favourite beats of space horror, and I was delighted that I got exactly what I wanted: mystery, dread, suspense, action, and of course, horror. If you love “Event Horizon” (1998) or the Dead Space video games, then you will have a blast with this book.”


— H.L. Moore is a Jewish Australian writer of LGBT+ fiction and the author of M/M fantasy romance novels Heart Of Dust and Soul Of Ash, Books 1 & 2 of the Death’s Embrace series

"Mark All’s Derelict grabs the reader by the throat in the opening pages and doesn’t let go. This sci-fi thriller heats up quickly when the crew of Cerberus boards an abandoned spaceship – which we soon find is not as derelict as it appears – orbiting a distant planet with some terrifying surprises of its own. This deftly plotted page-turner is a gripping read. With intense action, a deliciously memorable foe, and a conclusion that both satisfies and leaves the door open for sequels, Derelict delivers."

– Rhonda Pressley Veit, author of “The Humdinger,” “Upland Wildlife,” and others


Death Metal

Winner of the New Apple Book Awards 2017 Horror eBook


Music from Hell has gone viral … and you’ll love it to death.


When washed-up musician David Fairburn’s bandmate Vince Buckley returns from the dead to complete their final album, David sees it as his second chance. But those who stand in the way of the music's release die one by one, and listeners who hear the first single become murderous "Loopers," addicted to the music. As the violence spreads, can David sacrifice the most brilliant work he’s ever done to prevent a global bloodbath?

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Horror novel set in Athens, GA, informed by my time as a touring musician.


“Nobody rocks horror like Mark All.”

    – Scott Nicholson, lauded author of the After series, The Red Church, and many others


"Mark All takes us into the world of heavy metal music in this fast-paced horror thriller that really delivers on the chills." 

    – Mark Lukens, author of Ancient Enemy and others


“Award winning author Mark All shows us again why he is a rising star in Horror ... a unique and gripping story that leaves the reader up late at night, tearing through his tale to find their way to a chilling and unexpected ending.”​

   – Jeffrey Wilson, Award Winning Author of The Donors and Fade To Black

The Spellcaster's Grimoire

Trish Sinclair is a bestselling witchcraft author, but a lousy spellcaster. So when a psychotic witch uses an ancient grimoire to exact her revenge on the local coven, Trish must discover her latent magical abilities to save her hometown.

Nominated for the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer's Choice Awards, Urban Fantasy, and one of PRG's 12 Spookiest Stories for Halloween

“... For those who love fast paced story...This is for you!”

    – 4.5 Star PRG’s Gloria Lakritz


"... a rollicking good book full of spells gone wrong, spells gone right ... This book is action packed”

   – 4 Star Review, PRG’s Penelope Adams

Mystic Witch Hi Rez final_edited.jpg
Mystic Witch

Bailey Campbell renounced magic after a horrific childhood tragedy. But when the sorcerer who murdered her father returns, she must regain her powers before he unearths a malignant force from the labyrinthine caverns where her father died.

•    5 Star review from the Paranormal Romance Guild

•    3 Star (out of 4½ possible) review from RT Book Reviews.

"Potent magic.  Heroine Bailey Campbell will cast a spell on every reader."

  – Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church, The Manor, The Skull Ring, others


"A fascinating story of magic..."

  – 3 Star review in RT Book Reviews (out of 4.5 possible stars)


"Mark All grabs you from the beginning with this page turner! Action, suspense, mystery, a great heroine and magic all wrapped into one intriguing book!" 

  – Rita Herron, The Demonborn, Grand Central Publishing


"Bitchy witch Bailey Campbell is a kickass heroine, and Mystic Witch is a great read!"

 – Raven Hart, The Savannah Vampire Chronicles

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